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Store and Re-Heat Pulled Pork

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What is the best way to store un-eaten pork butt that has already been pulled?

and... what is good way to reheat and not effect the pork too much?


First time cooking extra to use later and seeking advice.



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Don't know about others, but freezing unused butt works very well for me. If you'll be storing it a long time you may want to use a vac sealer, otherwise freezer bags are fine.  Mine doesn't last long enough to need more than a freezer bag.


As for reheating, I'll take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge the day before, then microwave portions when needed.  But that's just me.

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Freezes just fine.  Warming up is easy as well.  Just thaw it out and warm in the microwave.  Tastes just like the day you smoked it.

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Never had a problem thawing out some pulled pork.  If your bags are boilable, you can place them into boiling water and re-heat, otherwise the microwave works fine too.  


You can use pulled pork for almost anything.  Nachos, sandwiches, and we really enjoy stuffing it into poblano peppers with cheese and a cream sauce.  Now you got me thinking . . . . .


Anyway, Good Luck!!!

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I found that microwave works best for me as well, when I tried to reheat in a pan it kind of dried the meat out. 

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If I know it's not going to be in te freezer too long, I put leftovers in a foil tray, wrap it up right with Saran Wrap and foil and pop it in the freezer. Defrost a day or two before you need it. Then before I rheat it mix apple juice and equal parts bbq sauce and just moisten the meat with it. Cover it up with foil and put in a 300 degree oven or smoker covered with foil until its hot. I have done this a few times and it makes a great dish to add to a party menu because it reheats well and in the same pan it's stored in.
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