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question about rtv..

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I just want to make sure I get the right stuff.

I put Permatex 81160 high temp red etc silicone gasket in my cart..that is the stuff I want right?
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I think that will work just fine, rival! Don't forget to take some qview of the before and after for us. 

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Thanks!! It will probably be the 11th before I will order it. I went ahead and stuck it in my cart in amazon so I won't forget :)
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I thought you meant in your cart at the store... That rtv is rated at 650 so it should be fine unless you decide to go atomic. 

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Yeah i tjought i said in my cart on amazon. My bad :)
Looks like I will have to order the stove gasket to seal the dome lid so figured I might as well order that at the same time.
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Also planning to get 1/2 to 5/8 gasket rope.
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In the meantime, if you have some 1/2" cotton or other natural fiber rope and some wire lying around, you can use that until your order arrives.



Also, before you do anything permanent, make sure the top rim of the chassis is almost perfectly round.  It may take some time, because it bends in and out of shape very easily.

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if they have oreilly autoparts in your area, they carry black high temp Silicone RTV that works good and its black, it was about $6

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Yup we have one. I didn't even think to look there. I will do that instead. Looks like they carry another brand that's made by permatex. Thanks!
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How long after putting the rtv silicone on do i need to wait before using my ECB? I assume if Iget it on this afternoon i will be good to use it Friday.
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24 hours should be sufficient. I think that is all I waited. Friday will be fine. 

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Thank you sir!
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