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Green Mountain Grills

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Hi, new to the Pellet Smokers Forum.

Any advice or experience on Green Mountain Grills, Jim Bowie model.

I know the basic principal of the machine, pellets feed in to create the heat source, but do you have to have smoke all the time? On various videos I have seen, when people open the lid their is no smoke, but they are cooking!!! is this right?

Any idea on pellet consumption?

All options welcome!

Smokin Monkey
post #2 of 7 reach a certain temp and the pellets create more heat than smoke. So, many will use the lower smoke generating setting near the end of the cook if they want a stronger smoke presence. I've just bought a Char Griller pellet muncher so am learning some new curves by visiting more pellet forums and different mfg sites for tips and suggested recipes to see recommended times/temps etc. But, I'm thinking I'm gonna really like this new unit.....HTH, Willie

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If you go over to pelletheads they have test data on just about every pellet smoker. May help in you decision.

good luck, Joe.

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Thanks Chef Wille and thanks Joe for heads up on the Data.
Smokin Monkey
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We just bought a Green Mountain Grill, Daniel Boone. Cooked our first 12lb turkey today. We thought it took a long time. We cooked at 300 degrees and it took 6 hours to get up to 160 meat temp.  It tasted pretty good. But we wonder why it took so long. Any suggestions out there?  Thanks

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I've not done a turkey yet on my grill, so stepping out onto the thin limb of conjecture:


Is the rule of thumb for turkey about 25 min per lb at 300F, so 5 hours for a 12lb bird?  An extra hour doesn't seem too far out of line give all the possible variables.


Were you using a secondary thermometer or just the grill's sensor to measure the 300F?   I ask because the grill's sensor is off to the side and below the grill surface; it's not unusual for it to be a little bit different than the temps right at the grates in the middle.  Tends to be true of all brands, and many people will use a 3rd party temperature probe to check things as they learn how their pellet grill behaves.

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^^^^What he said^^^^


Pretty good chance your grate temp was lower than the temp your GMG was displaying.  Get yourself a Maverick or similar thermo and verify your grate temps.  If you find a difference, you have two options:


1) Increase your set temp until the actual grate temp gets to where you want it.

2) Contact GMG and see if they have any advice for evening out grill temps. (I installed a downdraft mod on my Rec Tec and that evened out temps across my grates).


Good luck.

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