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Rub Help

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I have a rib competition coming up and I have already made my rub. On my trial run I thaught it was just a touch too Spicy for some and would like to tame it down without changing the flavor too much. Any Suggestions? I thought about using a little honey instead of mustard for a sticker or just adding some more Brown Sugar. Made a batch large enough for 40 racks so I really dont want to start over. Combine the rub with Jeff's Sauce and its pretty good just a little too much zip.

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It would be easier to help if you posted the Recipe. If you wish to keep it confidential, you can PM me and I will take it to my grave. In general, adding Sugar and a neutral spice like Paprika will cut the heat without a great impact on the flavor profile. It is more work but you can also just add more of everything but Black Pepper, White Pepper, Cayenne Pepper or other Chile Powder...JJ

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The rub is Myron mixon's basic BBQ rub. I love it on butts but it has a little too much heat on the ribs. I can get the actual recipe later tonight.
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I might need to make 1 more batch to have enough
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Make a double batch without the Black Pepper and Cayenne and mix it all together. That will cut the heat way down but still have the flavors of the peppers...JJ

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Thanks. That is what I will do. I will try it this weekend.
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