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Smoking whole hams?!

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Hey all! I won a 14 lb ham in a meat raffle and I haven't got the slightest idea where to begin! Smoking it this weekend for the fourth, need temps, glaze ideas, anything you wanna thro out there! Thanks!
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I'm pretty useless as far as what to do, but I remember a couple days ago there was an old thread that had popped up about a glazed smoked ham from someone that looked amazing. Maybe someone will post the link, but try checking out there pork section. Good luck and remember the Q-view!

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Assume it is already cured and probably smoked? Or is it a true fresh ham?

If it's a cured/smoked ham (like what you get in the store) I'd go with this. Done it before and it was awesome.
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No it is most definitely a store bought ham. Thanks guys these are exactly what I needed!
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