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Pitmaker Smokers

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Dos any one know anything about pitmaker smokers would like to here all the good and badsLot picture of BBQ Safe Smoker - No Cart

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I have the larger one. The Pitmaker Vault. I looked and studied hard before purchasing a new vertical. I narrowed it down to 3. Stumps, Spicewine and Pitmaker. In the end I chose the Pitmaker Vault. It is without question built as good as you can ever hope for. I had cooked on my offsets and a Backwoods vertical for years before moving to the Pitmaket vault. I can't say anything negative about it at all. It is a huge smoker with great capacity and holds heat outstanding. I have ran it both wet and dry and had no issues either way. I have also ran it at 550 degrees on several occasions to make pizza with no issue at all. I can tell you honestly that I have never been more pleased with any smoker. Not even my Jambo. The only negative that I can think of for some people would be the weight of the unit it's self. It's just shy of 1,000 pounds. To me that's a good thing. It tells you just how heavy duty this smoker is. It also detours theft. I cook on mine almost daily and I can not think of one complaint. You will not regret purchasing a vault or safe. They are second to none in my opinion.
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Here is my vault if this works.
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I would like to add one final thing. My second choice would have been the spicewine. They are also very well built smokers as well. But again I chose the Pitmaker Vault and have no regrets. It's a par excellent unit in every way that matters.
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Here are a few more shots of it. You can see how massive they are built. One piece of advice. Be sure to get the ball valve instead of the damper for the air control. It works much better and makes fine tuning simple.[IMG][IMG][IMG]0
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Not sure what happened.
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Having trouble loading pics. Sorry
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Here is some lamb and steaks I slow smoked over water last night in the Vault.[IMG][IMG]
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Sorry. I had a hard time posting the pics. It's my first attempt at it and I couldn't figure it out. I think I got it now. Again sorry for the cluttered post.
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Hers is a pork shoulder that I stuffed with bacon and sausage and cooked on the Vault.
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Flew to Houston to look at the pits at pitmaker.  Amazing facility, all made by hand.  Got my vault 3 weeks ago.  Unreal.  Great pit.  I have a Tejas and a Klose along with a BGE and 2 Bradleys.  This pit is really cool.  The Vault is the way to go.  Side view. Thanks to Victor, Pete and George.

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