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Popping the smoking cherry with a Boston Butt!

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So I'm diving into the smoking world and got a 34" Smokey Mountain gas smoker for cheap on craigslist. I bought a 6.5lb bone-in boston butt and put a rub on it last night and wrapped it. I took it out at 6am and put it in at 7am. It's 1:06pm and it's still at 155 degrees. I'm smoking it at 250 and hoping it'll break the stall soon. I plan on pulling it at 200 and wrapping it in a cooler for at least an hour to an hour and a half while I get my sauce and sides ready for dinner. Wish me luck!


I'd take pictures but my cell phone kicked the crapper Friday afternoon but I'll borrow the wife's when all is said and done and snap some pictures of my maiden voyage.

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Sounds like u been doing your homework on smoking a butt. Everything sounds legit so get us some pics or prepare to be taunted....Willie

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Sounds to me like you're pretty much on schedule, Gaffney. I know you've been wanting to get started so congrats.
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Thanks for the positive feedback guys! I know I'm not supposed to open the smoker except for when I need to add more wood chips or water but I had to take pics to get your thoughts & opinions!



Sorry for the crappy thermometer, I couldn't find a nice electronic one in time for the my first smoke.

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From when I posted @ 1pm, the IT was 150. It's 3:22pm currently and IT is holding steady @ 160 exactly. I wanted to wrap the Boston butt for at least 2 hours and be ready to pull it and sauce it by dinner time (around 6pm), but the way things are going that isn't going to happen.

Being that this is my 1st time, I am definitely getting nervous but I've also done enough reading and research to know that this is the stall that always gets every beginner the first time it happens to them so I will wait it out no matter how long it takes! Darn my impatience and my having skipped lunch since I ate a decent sized breakfast. Now I have to fight a stubborn Boston butt and a growling belly!

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Hi Gaffney, I too popped my cherry today! 10Lb butt and. it took two hours more than I thought! 17 Hours in total, but worth every minute!

Smokin Monkey
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Hell yeah Smokin Monkey! Was that your first time ever smoking anything or just first time smoking a Boston Butt? Either way, it looks delicious buddy, hope mine looks half as good as yours :-)

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Hi Gaffney, not my first Smoke, but not done that many. It's my first Butt!

Like everybody on here it seems to take longer to smoke than you think!

Smokin Monkey
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I gave in and wrapped it and threw it back in the smoker until 200 degrees, sigh. I'll throw it in the cooler until we're about to eat. I'll take it out right before we eat, pull it and let people sauce it as they see fit.

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gaffney982: I've been down that road where my wife tells me dinner for 8 folks will be at 6:00 -- it has never worked out for me. Guests arrive and I'm still cooking and they get in my way. How I get around it is to cook the butt the day before -- I have all the time in the world to fool around with the cook process. I shred it and serve it in a crock pot the next day. It's easier on my nerves.

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Good advice Wood River BBQ, I might either smoke it the day before or start it at 1am or 2am and give myself plenty of time to wait out a stubborn Boston butt and never ending stall.

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Gaffney, nothing wrong with foiling the butt for the last stages of the cook. Lots of folks do that. I typically foil after the bark's set, putting a bit of braising liquid in the foil. This both accelerates the last part of the cook and makes for a juicy butt. Also took my cook times down from 14+ to around 9-10 hours.
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Hi Gaffney, learn from the Master, follow his step by step.

Smokin Monoey
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Thanks for the heads up Smokin and Impulse! Temp is at 198, almost ready to pull!

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So I didn't get to let it rest for as long as I had wanted to (only 1 hour) but I pulled it and left it plain. I made a finishing sauce for people to use (cider vinegar/brown sugar/Cajun spices/red pepper flakes) and also left out a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's (cheating I know, but the best out-of-the-bottle sauce I know of). I liked the vinegar sauce and some home made cole slaw on top. Thanks for all the help guys, I've caught the bug and it's all I can think about. I think I'm going to make beef ribs next!


P.S. The longer I left the tray of PP on the table, the more people picked at it and the smaller the pile got. BUT, there's enough for me to bring to lunch tomorrow so I'm a happy camper.


Thanks again all, I'll keep you all updated in all my future smoking endeavors!

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As I head off to bed, I have a smile on my face for you!

Smokin Monkey
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Thanks Smokin Monkey! I'm really digging this forum, everyone here is really cool and super helpful. Couldn't be more glad I found it. With a full belly, I'm already plotting my 4th of July meal.


I'm thinking beef ribs with a brown sugar bark...........mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I'd be getting hungry if I hadn't stuffed myself with PP :-D

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