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Tri-Tip Quesadilla's

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Seasoned tri-tips with Tatonka Dust.

Smoked the tri-tips in cherry with indirect heat at 225º to an internal meat temp of 115º.

Switched to direct heat and seared both sides of the tri-tips on GrillGrates to an internal meat temp of 130º.

Slicing for a perfect medium rare.

Slice peppers and onions and sautéed in some butter and freshly grated garlic and seasoned with Tango Verde seasoning for some kick!

Took flour tortillas and spread a thin layer of Mexican cheese sauce.

Layered the sautéed peppers and onions, tri tip, and then more cheese. Folded in half and onto the grill.

Had the grill set up to cook direct with the GrillGrates covered in foil to help with clean up.

Once the Quesadilla's were heated thoroughly and everything melted, added some more cheese to the top.

Served with sour cream topped with chopped green onion and some salsa for sides. This meal was excellent, will definitely do this one again!

Thanks for looking!
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:drool:I'm drooling like a St. Bernard!!!



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Great looking tri tip, and nice quesadillas! Made a batch of nachos last week with left over tri tip, so good!
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I literally just got hungry after looking at this.
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That looks unbelievable. Have never seen a tri tip... are they called something else also?
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Originally Posted by bgosnell151 View Post

That looks unbelievable. Have never seen a tri tip... are they called something else also?

Tri-tips can be tough to find in some areas. Get to know a butcher and tell him this is what you want!

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Thanks... will do. Have a butcher that I go to now that is willing to get me whatever I want... within reason.
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Good Golly Miss Molly.... think you just pushed me over the edge... Put the cheese sauce and some meat on the grocery list... icon14.gif
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