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AMNPS in a Lang 84

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So I finally got a chance to try out my new AMNPS in the Lang smoker. The Lang is a great machine for hot smoke, and the hope was the AMNPS would allow me to cold smoke in it. Looks like a perfect match!

I filled about 3/4 of a row of apple pellets and lit the end with a torch, let it flame for a minute or two and then blew it out. Yeah I know the directions say 10 but I figure I had way more airflow than those with an electric. I put it in the FB, all vents full open, shut the door, and half a minute later, smoke was flowing out of the chimney.

This little guy generates enough smoke to fill the Lang, but with so little burn area and such a large smoker, there is virtually no increase in heat inside the CC vs outside air temps. Less than a degree. Even though it was a hot day, by waiting for the evening, I am able to cold smoke now and not worry about high temperatures ruining my cheese or fish.

I have a couple sides of salmon and some cheese samples in there now for a first test. More pics to come in the AM.

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One farm raised Atlantic, one wild caught sockeye from Alaska. Came out pretty good. I will be working on the seasoning during cure for the next batch, but the smoking worked perfectly.

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Awesome! Don't yet own a Lang, but had been wondering about cold smoking in one with an AMNPS. Now I know. Thanks!
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Nice looking salmon! Since you cold smoke it I assume you were going for Lox or gravlax? There's some good recipes on here for both. I like to use quite a bit of fresh dill during the cure. Sometimes a bit of black pepper during the smoke.
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This batch was meant to be straight lox. Salt with a touch of smoke. We also make gravlox, but with no smoke. Now that I confirmed the AMNPS works, I will spend more time on different seasonings and curing recipes. This batch was a proof of concept so I wanted to keep it simple, plus we had a bunch of bagels to put lox on.
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Originally Posted by SpecificImpulse View Post

Awesome! Don't yet own a Lang, but had been wondering about cold smoking in one with an AMNPS. Now I know. Thanks!

Been wondering how best to get cold smoke it in for a long time. I figured I'd build something, but the AMNPS is just too easy to pass up. It looks a little silly in that big firebox, but it puts out plenty of smoke (expected) and generates enough of a chimney effect to keep the smoke moving under the reverse flow plate and out the chimney (that was what I was most worried about). I couldn't be happier with either the Lang or the AMNPS. I highly recommend both.
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Good info. I've been eyeing either a Lang 36 or 48 Patio Deluxe (with warmer box) optioned with a direct vent between fire box and warmer. Thought that would give me a lot of versatility for both hot and cold smoking in the warmer. Sounds like that should work quite well. icon14.gif
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I have a Lang 36 and I was thinking about doing this same thing, what size AMNPS do you have?  Todd was saying that it might not fill the whole chamber with smoke and that I would need a tube and to maybe put it in the chamber.  Do you think that is necessary?


Any tips?


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