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Beef Tongue, Salmon Teriyaki and Pineapple Bacon Sausage w/Qview!

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A friend from work and I have a mutual friend who is a dairy farmer. She lives near his place and often helps with the cows. She told me they were planning to slaughter 3 cows over the weekend. I asked if they had any leftovers I could get for the smoker. She said they were Jersey dairy cows and not really "meat" cows. She said they take the meat and mix it with pork and make burgers because the beef is super lean. I asked jokingly for her to get me the tongues. To my surprise, she delivered.


So I took the tongues, soaked them in brine for a few hours then removed from the brine and soaked in clean water overnight changing the water in the morning. I got a pot of beer, water, bay leaves, pepper, garlic and salt boiling and tossed the tongues in for 2 hours. I pulled them out, trimmed the nasty bits off, pulled the skin off and dusted them with my homemade rub and wrapped them in bacon. 


My wife is skeptical about eating a full portion of tongue so she opted for salmon. We picked up a small piece from Costco and marinaded it in some teriyaki sauce for a few hours. Sprinkled a bit of S&P on it and put it on some cedar planks in the smoker.


Just in case the tongue isn't to my liking, I picked up some pineapple bacon sausages from Costco too. I am planning to thin slice the tongue and eat it on a roll and make a TBLT, tongue, bacon, lettuce and tomato sammich. If it comes out good, I may chop some up and do some lengua tacos during the week for dinner.


I got it in the smoker right now at 225°F with some Kingsford Blue and apple wood chunks. I will update once it's finished.



The tongues awaiting their bath in beer.




The tongues' swimming pool for the afternoon.




Skinned and trimmed.





Wrapped and ready for some smoke!




Salmon sittin pretty....

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You could pickle some of it. Pickled tongue is fantastic.
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It came out pretty good. It could use a bit more smokiness but still good. The wife said the salmon was excellent too.




Sliced up and ready for a sammich.




Dished up on a fresh roll with bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.




Pulled this one off at about 140°F. Wifey said it was perfect.

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Never tried tongue before. There is no way I could get the wifey to try it s I won't even bother. But it looks good and interesting.

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All Looks Great, Norm!!:drool


Haven't had Tongue since I was a Kid----Wife would never go for that.:wife:




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