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New Smoke Vault (Chunks or Amnps)

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I have seen lots of stuff on other types of smokers w/ amnps but not the vault. Does the Amnps work w/o the mailbox in the vault? just like to set it up the best way.

Thanks Roy

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I think your smoke vault is propane.... Right..... Flames consume smoke so, try it using one chunk of flavor wood.... more may add too much smoke and cause a bitter taste in your food... or use a small (1/4 cup) amount of chips.... If you use the AMNPS, the mailbox mod would be the way to go... have the smoke enter above the flame so it is not consumed by the flame... Depending on the size and BTU's of the burner, you may need a needle valve to reduce to flow of propane and reduce the heat in the smoker....
All of these suggestions are based on me being NOT familiar with the Smoke Vault but based on other propane smokers.... Sooooo, take them with a grain of salt.....

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Yep is gas, with one big door so, I don't want to open it to much. I am new to smoking so I have a lot to learn too.

Thanks Roy

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If your smoke vault is propane you'll want to get the AMNTS tube smoker. I have the 12"&18". They work great in my propane smoker as long as you keep the smoker temp below 285* above that and the pellets will ignite. If you go this route you need to place the tube so it's away from the burner and protect it from drippings from the meat. Or as Dave points out the mailbox mod works too. I have modified a mailbox to work with the tube and it performs great too. The AMNTS or the AMNPS will give you longer smoke times than chunks.
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