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needing some advice

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I have a brinkmann gourmet electric smoker.  I'm new to smoking.  I had read that a lot of folks will use a foil packet for their wood chips.  When I tried this the heat element actually melted through the foil and caught my woodchips on fire.  I ended up spreading the woodchips around the element and this worked very well (very messy) but It seemed I needed to replace my chips every hour or so to keep the smoke flowing.   Is it normal to have to replace the chips so frequently?  does anyone have any advice?

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Yep......I had a Brinkman (non electric) way back and it was a wood hog. I preferred chunks over chips, but same thing....went fast. So, invest in an AMNPS for continuous smoke for hours and avoid the hassles. You will probably outgrow that ECB pretty quick if the addiction/hobby becomes something you like to do so the AMNPS will be able to be used in other units as well......HTH, Willie
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thank you for your response.  I'll do some research on the AMNPS.

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