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What have I gotten myself into???

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I volunteered to host a Sunday BBQ for 25-30 people!!! What was I thinking? Anyway I am serving smoked chickens, pulled pork and smoked problem is the smoked sausages! Can I do these ahead, like the day before and finish them up on the grill the next day? I have read that you start with a low temp about 170 for the 1st hour and increase it gradually up to 240 degrees until the internal temp is 152...then follow up with a cold water rinse. Overall time being about 3 I on the right path here? And has anyone prepared these ahead of time and how were the results? The last time I tried sausages they were on the dry side also do I need to use my water pan? Any information is much appreciated
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Lynn........start your sausage at about 110* for the first hour and the raise the temp by about 15* or so each hour until you get to 170*. Your IT is correct at 152 to 155.

Yes, you can make them ahead of time and put them in the refer when you are done. I will warm mine up the next day in a sausage hot tub of beer, butter, and onions (I also add a little water). They can sit in there for about 3 hours if need be.......and then roll them on the grill to serve.



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Brad, thanks for the information....I did try as you suggested with a trial run & they came out pretty darn good. Thanks again!
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Where's the Qview?

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When you are talking Smoked Sausages...Are you refering to making a sausage with Cure #1 mixed in the raw meat then cool smoked like Kielbasa or Andouille? OR...Are you planning to take some Johnsonville Brat or make Italian Sausage and Smoke them? BIG DIFFERENCE!!!


Homemade sausage containing " Cure #1 " can be smoked at the temps described above, starting at 100 and raising the temp. BUT.. Smoking store bought or homemade sausages that do NOT contain Cure, aka Fresh Sausage, you MUST HOT smoke them, that is smoke at 225°F until they hit an IT of 165°F. Slowly smoking Fresh Sausage from a low temp can easily make you sick or if Clostridium Botulinum bacteria or spores are in the meat they will multiple and give you Botulism. This can cause anything from Paralysis to DEATH...JJ

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