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Are rib racks a must have?

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New to smoking, and doing my first baby back ribs this weekend on my WSM. Probably a silly question, but can I just put them straight on the grill or should I use one of the rib racks I've seen in some videos?

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I lay them on the grate all the time.


Hardly ever use a rib rack.

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I've seen baby back ribs bent in a circle like a crown with a piece of butcher twine around it to hold the shape to fit more on the smoker instead of a rib rack.

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I use a Rib Rack, I own 2 of them, in my MES all the time.  Saves a ton of room in the smoker doing so.  Placing the ribs on grill, at most, if cut in half, you could get 3 pieces on each rack, withe racks, I can get 8

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I used a rib rack last weekend because I planned to have so much on my OKJLh.  The ribs cooked the same as  when I lay them flat on the grate.  Going forward, I have no issue using a rack when I need the space.

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I have a Traeger, and due to limited room, I always use my rib rack.  If I lay them on the grate, I can get 2 St Louis or 3 BB's.  With the rib rack I have, I could do 8 racks of either.  Since my philosophy, is to fill the smoker whenever I am smoking, I use the rack and usually smoke 6 racks of ribs.  Ribs are just fine frozen and reheated to eat, and it makes it easy for my wife during the week, when I'm @ work to cook or warm up whatever she wants.

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I have the 22.5" WSM and only use rib racks when I am cramming a lot of stuff on onto the smoker at one time. With the rack you can fit up to 6 racks of ribs on each level of the WSM.

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I've never used a rib rack. Don't own one and always do my ribs right on the grate.
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Don,t use one because I don't have to.


They would be nice if you need space, and they are said to work fine.


Only negative I could think of is that it is one more thing to clean. Then again, would it be more difficult to add sauce for those who like wet ribs?


Good luck and good smoking.

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I like having a rib rack for all the other uses it works for. you can flip it over and if you have the right sized aluminum baking pan you have a juice catcher or water pan and the meat stays up out of the liquid. I use my Weber kettle to smoke a lot and this tool is a must have if you want drippings from a chuck roast for gravy or the like. Or if I need extra room for other stuff. Just my 2 cents but I would get one.

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You only need a rack or two to do a lot of ribs for a Party or you want to load 'er up with multiple meats. I have two that I purchased to cater a friends 4th of July Picnic. I used them once. The Weber Racks are nice and heavy duty...Nice to Have but don't Need to Have Rib Racks...JJ

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Never used one but my friend always uses one, Like everyone said  its just a space saver if your doing dry ribs. just lay them on the grate bone side down , flip over when you foil.  keep smokin

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