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Ham for pulled pork???

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I was given a ham labeled "fully cooked, hickory smoked, semi-boneless ham".  Would I be able to use this for pulled pork if I put it in the smoker and bring it up to 195-205 internal temp smoking like I would a butt?  I'm wondering if it would be better to just heat, slice and make a ham sandwich with it.  Any opinions are welcome.

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dabeeler, to me ham is already cured and is ham not 'pork'. Also is there enough fat left to really baste the meat if you take it to pulling temperatures? I would be afraid of getting something dry and not palatable.

My vote is to slice it and enjoy the ham.



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I think you'll like it....... Bearcarver has the right of it, its delicious !!


Its good stuff Maynard!

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Think I'll forget trying pulled pork with these hams and go with Bearcarver's method.  Looks really good.  Thanks for the help guys.

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