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Traeger Smokers!!!

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Hi All Smokers...I just bought a traeger and wonder if anyone here has a traeger?

I read an article about pellets burning back through auger into pellet hopper!!! Has any one have this problem???

 TYVM Tom 

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Howdy Falcon,


I've been using a Traeger for 3 years.  I haven't had it burn all the way back to the hopper, but I've had it burn back far enough to smoke up through the hopper.  The only time I saw it, was after using a bag of pellets, that had a lot of extra dust in it, so I blamed myself for letting the dust get down into the auger, and giving it something to actually burn in there.


Other than that, I've had VERY few issues with it.  I did replace the hot rod, this past winter after 3 summers of smoking with it. 


I did get an Amazin dust smoker to set in it to add extra smoke, and to be able to use the chamber as a cold smoker.  They work great!


Hope this answers your question...happy smokin'

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TYVM..this is very helpful

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Ditto on replacing the hot rod after 3 years (kept tripping GFCI circuit).


I personally have never had the pellets burn back but some owners claim if you leave the lid open when turning it off, it minimizes the chance - although I can't personally attest to that claim.  I live dangerously and just close mine when done... :super:

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