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pitt barrel simplicity

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as a novice, i have been researching smokers for a while now.

i have finally ordered the brinkmann gourmet, which i know is going to need several mods 

to ensure success.why dont brinkmann take on board that their smokers arent up to the job, out of the box, and do something about it.

the pitt barrel seems to far outshine any other available, with such simplicity. 

only one vent in the bottom, which remains set to one setting

no vent in the top

seems to out last all others for burn time and consistency.

receives the highest praise where ever it is reviewed

what are they doing right, that everyone else is doing wrong

unfortunately, the pitt barrel isnt over here in the UK. :icon_cry:

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engineman, take a look at the mini wsm and see what you think. It isn't an out of the box solution, but for about $75 US you can pup one of these babies together. It would be a nice addition to the gourmet smoker.

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