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4 whole chicks!

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4 whole chickens for a work potluck tomorrow! Been on for about an hour now. They are looking delicious.
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Looks good.  When I do a whole chicken I always will squeeze as many birds in my smoker as I can.  Pulled chicken can make a lot of different meals.

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Nice , Gooroo . I'm sure you got raves with those Girls . :drool


Enlighten us with the details . . . :confused: and more Q-view . . .:biggrin:


Have fun and . . .

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Hey E veryone are,

I am smoking 2 four pound chickens. They are three hours into it. Do you guys think it needs 1 more hour or should it be done.
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Are you sure they will make it to work tomorrow?  Those look too good to wait!!

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