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Happy Sunday to All!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am enjoying more Aussie "The Footbolt" by McLaren Vale today with some exceptional grilled camel burgers! (My favorite burger to have in the world)!


Alas some meat cooked to perfection - just four minutes aside for these burgers - and grilled figs, raw green onion, all atop amaranth, and alongside my mango salad! WON-DER-FUL! Absolutely delicious! And with plenty of Tunisian olive oil, black pepper and blue Persian salt all over everything!




And so, who's smoking/grilling and pairing with what? Do share? It's fun to exchange!


Here's to everybody's weekend wrap up! Make it amazing!!!!! Cheers!!!!!! - Leah













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Well Happy new and very wonderful week to all!!!!!!



Even grilled smelts (they needed to be eaten and so that's off my "check list" now therefore and the mission is accomplished) with grilled figs, a turmeric pot of amaranth, and some mango salad, was just fantastic today with more great Aussie Shiraz!







I think the figs, muddy/turmeric flavors of the amaranth, and my new mood and palate frankly (smiles) did lend to it all matching well!





This is just the most beautiful deep velvety color that I have witnessed in years!!!!!!


In fact, I want my hair this color and ran out, picked up a box of "Burgundy" hair color, did the whole thing and it made no difference whatsoever. I then called up a stylist who informed me; "Your hair is too dark. The red tones will never show on you unless you bleach it first." Sigh.


And so, until able to go to a salon and undergo some hours of bleach/lightening and then the re-color of deep Burgundy, I will stick to my roots so to speak, but WOW, that's such fabulous color isn't it?


In any event, here's wishing everyone a very colorful and vibrant and incredible week!!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Happy July 4th Eve to all!



Simple grilled swordfish, just 4 minutes a side today and it was PURRRRRRRFECT and some grilled broccolini (4 minutes a side too made for perfectly al dente and lovely greens) served as dinner on this July 4th eve. And you?




I make a "RAW" marinated mushroom that I adore, versus a cooked version, and it's really lovely...





Come back, and please share your food & mood as well!!!!!


Happy 4th of July EVE to all!!!!!!!!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Just ordered the Cape Jaffa 2012 shiraz. Paid a whole $16 a bottle. Fair dinkum. 

2012 the best vintage ever for that region. This shiraz won them the "Dark Horse" award from major wine retailers .Winery to watch.

I will open a bottle in your honour & pass on my comments. Couple of days time.

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Fabulous Mick!!!


I am VERY interested in hearing about those sips!


That Cape Jaffa is extraordinary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It changed my whole palate and view of Aussie wines (as we normally see the shlock only here) and I feel so lucky!


Share your notes indeed!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Tempting as it is I am not about to open it at work!
Label says blackberry & cherry,spice & florals ,chocolate. 14.5% alcohol. I will have glass after Yoga at 630 my time.Very zen.
I promised people bottarga at one the local restaurants for Saturday. So not sure that I will be cooking much over the w/e .have a full smoker of bacon to do as well.
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YUM!!!!!!!! I would want to open it at work and/or at least bow down and say little prayers...Smiles.


How delicious! That is true syrup from the Gods!


And good for you with yoga! You're inspiring me to get off my anatomy and get into shape!


Bottarga sounds fantastic right now too! I'm telling you Mick, you live the life!!!! Such wonderful stuff!


And kindly keep the Jaffa update coming, as I want to at least sip it through the screen!!!!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Mahi mahi pretty good buy at that price so thats what I went with. 


These are great but too big for 2 .Very popular with the Chinese.

So its mahi mahi in what I have come to know as pizzaola ,style of the pizza maker.

In the oven with EVO,garlic, cherry tomatoes,lemon,white wine & basil. Crappy overpriced winter basil but what can you do.:biggrin:

Now for wine I opened the Cape Jaffa les Cavaliers 2012. While I rest after getting 7 kg of pork out of the brine ready for smoking tomorrow.Dinner is 2 hours away.

I don't have the finely calibrated palate of some but I do get the blackberry ,cherry I missed  but it does have a spicy quality ,its dense & layered that chocolate note. Very long finish,very dark & brooding in the glass but fresh vibrant & young. Its a lot bolder than the Scarlet Runner ,its not over done but its not shy:biggrin:A little tannic but in the best possible way & its shiraz after all.


I am currently toasting your good health . Hope the fisherman land you another Striper.

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Oh Mick, the color on that is just downright stunning!!!!!!!!! And to see the fish market - you have such a wonderful spot there - and what a treat!


Your mahi mahi sounded sensational and the notes of the Cape Jaffa just continue to be amazing!


This Cape Jaffa wine is just so special!!! A really rare gem!!!


The beautiful and vibrant hues however, of their wines, are beyond striking. (I'd love for my hair to be that color, but am told that massive bleaching needs to take place first, as to get the color to show up over my black hair in any way). Sigh. And so, I'll admire it in a glass for now instead.


Fantastic post! Cheers to the weekend!!!! - Leah

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When Linda had a glass the first thing she said was "thats spicy". Bit of black pepper ,white pepper maybe .I don't get that involved in the descriptions partly because I don't have that good a palate.

I will take a bottle out tonight my mate Dublin Des has a pretty good wine background he can give me his appraisal.

David found some Hewitson in Chicago:yahoo:

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What's nice about "spicy" notes in wine, is that such pairs with a myriad of food so wonderfully and so the latitude for playing with meals and menus can be so fun! (From seafood in red sauces to meats with just herbs, sea salt and pepper, and so forth).


You being the food guru, must be having a ball! (You live amid such wonderful wines)!


The Cape Jaffa that I was so blessed to drink in, had mocha smooth notes and yet enough tannin taste and structure to be bold enough for me (I don't like red Burgundy which is Pinot Noir, or other watered down wines in my opinion) and there was a nice almost "syrupy" component and yet not sickeningly sweet, and it was all just so beautifully balanced. Truly outstanding!


It's so fun learning from you! And how great on David's find! That sounds wonderful!


Cheers to everyone! I'm off to meet some local meat today, which is rumored to be the best grass fed find around, and so I'm excited to check it out!


Happy Saturday!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!!! - Leah

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I almost missed this, Leah, and I am glad I didn't. Another fine looking spread and the wine discussion is interesting too! Good Thread!



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Thank you so much Disco!


Yes, Mick has taught us so much about the really great Aussie wines, which you would love, and I'm just learning from here more and more and loving it entirely!


This group is the best, and such a joy to share with, learn from, and drink in!


Happy Saturday to all! Here's to great things! Cheers! - Leah

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