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Riddle me this???

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I got rid of the red sealer for the gasket on my BTMLE and added a flat gasket and stopped all door leaks and have no leaks now. (tight as a drum). I took out the tuning plates and left the baffle plate on the FB end. I got a chimney going and put it in the FB nearly 2 hrs ago. I have my cheap Walmart thermo in one end of the CC and my BBQ probe from my ET-732 at the other end of the cook chamber. My problem, I am 30 degrees hotter on the exhaust end of my CC. I have adjusted the intake vent and have seen no change. I reversed the probes to see if one of them was defective but I am getting the same results, hotter at the chimney end. My last thought is to remove the baffle plate as that is the only other possible restriction for the FB end. I already took out the dryer vent extention for the chimney. I had started over on my mods to try for a more even temp across the cook area. I have steadier temps now but that darn difference of the exhaust end being hotter. The baffle is all that is left! Any other suggestions?
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:th_What_NO_QVIEW:Some pictures might be help here.

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