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My new man grates!

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I recently acquired 7 man grates from my dad for free. He didnt take great care of them and they started rusting. So i ran the clean cycle in the oven with the grates in there to get the crud off. The wife did not like this. It looked like there was a fire in our kitchen with all the smoke. I then hit them with a wire brush and vegtable oil. They are seasoning now and im cooking 2 filets on them in a bit. They arent perfect but after seasoning i think they will be great!


Im also braving the rain to do this. Thats how excited i am!
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This gets me thinking about the cast iron grates in my old gas grill that I'm about to trash.  I'm thinking I should "harvest" the grates before it goes to the dump.


Thanks for the great idea!!

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They are great. You really should. Cast iron just cooks so well! Ive wanted these grates for so long but could never justify the price
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Yeah, it would be a real shame to throw away cast iron if it is salvageable. So much better cooking on cast iron!

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Ya know my char griller came with enamel glazed racks as soon as I cranked the
propane side to 600 degrees they crazed and cracked. So I ordered a set of cast iron
And after seasoning they r awesome
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I just have to get used to cooking on them. Its totally new feeling switching from stainless steel. The grill marks it makes sure are pretty to
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