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Brisket rubbery at 200

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I just smoked a brisket till internal temp of 200 took the temp in a bunch of place so it was for sure 200 let it rest for an hour and bit into it and it was impossible to eat. I checked with 2 thermometers my maverick and my thermapop. Both read 200 so it's not a faulty thermometer
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That stinks. Chop it up good and make hash out of it. It will be the best hash you ever had! 

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Yup, chop it up.

You chould cook to probe tender and not by temp.
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Smoky, some times briskets are "done" at 195, other times at 200, yet other times at 205 or even more.  As C Farmer said, cook it until it's probe tender meaning that you poke it at it's thickest part with a probe or toothpick and when the probe goes in like a knife through butter, the brisket is done.



The brisket was rubbery because the connective tissues hadn't broken down yet.

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I have had a few briskets come out that way.  They were both Angus packers  You could still get a good pull test on slices but the meat was chewy.  Sometimes you just get a bad piece of meat.  Like the guys said, just chop her up, make some aujus and have a sammy.

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