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First rack of short ribs QVIEW!!!

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Dad visited a nice local meat market this weekend, and after hearing me talk about wanting to do a rack of beef ribs decided to buy me a slab. I just gotta take him some. These ribs are beautiful. Awesome color and marbling. I'm very impressed, but It better be at $22 for the slab.

Took a pic of them trimmed and seasoned with SPOG+ a little seasoning mix I had.

Cool wise, I'm planning on 240ish for about 5 hours? Gunna take them to 203 int. Just hoping for a ballpark so I know when to put em on.
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So I let them go for about 2 hours at 230-260 then foiled with a little butter, a small drizzle of BBQ sauce and some boulevard brewing Irish ale. Put it back on the pit for an hour and a half at 260-275. Absolutely unbelievable. 2 of the bones pulled right out. The other 2 are still in there. For us, they are going to be perfectly cooked. I like my meat between a nice bite and completely falling off the bone. I think I got lucky and hit it perfectly. Final temp in the center of the rack was somewhere around 206. The beer did a perfect braize.

The only things I will do differently next time is put them on about 4 hours later than I did. I got antsy, and since I'm home with my toddler alone today, I wanted to get the UDS going and get the meat on before mama left for work at 10:30. She won't be home for dinner for 5 more hours. So I'll have to reheat them this evening. I saved the foiling juice to add back to it when I heat.

The other thing is ill salt more heavily. I was afraid to over salt, but it's obvious this meat can handle more than I gave it. It's still going to be one of the best meals we've had in quite a while.
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Looks great

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Great job

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Oh man. Those were delicious! Tasted like the best beef roast I have ever eaten. They had a bit of a smoke flavor but it was slightly overpowered by the robust beer I used. Still amazing. Just not immediately recognizable as BBQ.
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