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Let's Smoke

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Hi my name is John and I have been learning a lot about smoking this past winter. I thought I knew what I was doing and was I wrong... I have a 7 year old Charbroiler with and offset that I have just modified to be strictly a smoker. I have been doing mainly ribs and chicken. I want to do some pork butts and possibly a brisket. I am looking forward to all your advise with my future questions.

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Welcome to the group. I have the very same cooker, about 5 yrs. old and does great. It is now attached to my big rig as a backup. I had one before that one which met its doom in a storm. These are what I learned on through the years. Like I said welcome and good luck with all your cooks.

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Thank You and I look forward to pics of your cooks and maybe some help too.

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Thank You! Excited to be here so that I can learn more.

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Welcome to SMF @Hahnjo. Looks like you are on your way! Fine looking smoker!

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Welcome, glad ya joined us !
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Thank You

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Hey John, hello and welcome to the forum, I did a brisket, pork butt and a bunch of other stuff several weeks ago here is the link might be helpful


Gary S

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