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Decorative Hog

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We did a wedding reception this past weekend.  The bride requested that we do a small hog for display only with no intention of ever eating it.  We insisted it be cooked to safe temps and promised good color.  This was my 13th whole hog and the only time I have ever worried about how it looked in the end.  It was also the smallest (80lbs) so my timing was also concerning.    We cooked at 325 until we got the color she wanted and then wrapped it in foil and lowered the cooker to 250 and ran the rest of the time out.  We hit 160 IT at the 7 1/2 hour mark which was 15 minutes before we needed to move it in to the reception hall. 


80lbs going on.  We foiled one of the racks early to protect the bottom of the pig.



Me on the left after 7 1/2 hours.  Preparing to take the little guy into the reception.



The hog on full display.  We laid out 60lbs of pulled to be eaten and garnish for color.


This was my most stressful cook to date but feel it came out photo worthy.

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Nice job!  Great looking display.


Gotta ask though, what happened to the hog?

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Rumor has it a family member was going to quarter and freeze to save some for the one year anniversary dinner.

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Nice looking pig.They would be some real fools if no one dug into that pig.




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Thank you.  It started out as a decoration but after they saw it and had the pulled I'm pretty sure they are going to eat it.

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Great looking hog and presentation

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