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Beef Burnt Ends Help

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Hey all,


So I smoked my first brisket a little over a week ago and it was quite a success. Both the sliced flat and the burnt ends were very moist and tasty. My wife absolutely loved the burnt ends and requested that I make ONLY burnt ends for an upcoming meal...


My question is can I make burnt ends that would be just as good with a few chuck roasts?


Also, during my last experience with burnt ends, I pulled the brisket out at 195F and cubed the was not an easy challenge cause the point was already falling apart. Would there be any reason not to pull out the chuck roasts at 175F or so, so that I can cut them into perfect cubes and then toss them back into the smoker for a few hours? Would they still melt in your mouth?



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Sure I don't see a problem using Chuck roasts for burnt ends. I believe there's a thread or two here where that was done.
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