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Man, that looks tasty! I did a spatched chick today for the first time and threw on a fatty just to fill the smoker. Turned out pretty good but I'm trying the mayo dress next time. Not sure I cracked the breast bone correctly and then I saw somewhere that some folks remove the breastbone completely. I'm still pretty new at this - how did you debone yours?
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Thanks Jolene!


I did not remove the breastbone, just cracked and on to the smoker.


Here's a video if you would like to compare with how you did it on your;


BTW, nice looking chicken and fatty! :)

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Thanks! That bacon wrap is embarrassing but I had to work with leftovers. My dog ate my original bacon weave! And thanks for taking the time to post that video.

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Rockin video knife. Think I'm going to grab some game hens for the weekend! Thanks a bunch.
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Good looking bird both cooked and on the sandwich, but have to agree to loose the rabbit food. LOL  Good job!

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