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Finally finished my mini.

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So I have been reading post after post on this forum and the weber forum about building a mini. I took ideas from about 5 different builds and incorporated them into my build. Bdskelly can be credited with the pop riveting the lid to the pot. I like the fit much better like that.

Big thanks to everyone else who offers up information on this forum also. Its so nice to be able to ask a question and get a bunch of feed back right away.

So I used vht engine primer, enamel and clear coat for the paint process. I ordered the Fighting Irish guy and the AZ cardinal off ebay. They werent the right stencil so it took me hours cutting with a exacto knife. We'll see how the paint hold up over time.

The difuser was one of the things that i was driving me crazy but I finally decided to just go with a hole on the bottom, leaving 3 tabs to hold up a cake pan. Went with 2 cooking racks and made a 4" high charcoal basket. I will use a can for the ash cover and might add some weber vents to the side if i need to. I'm gonna do a few smokes this way first and see how things go.

Again thanks for all the input.

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Looks great!
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Awesome!  A fine looking smoker 

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Nice Job!  Looks Great!

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