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Hey all, happy Sunday!  I'm going to attempt my first smoke today after the smoker seasons.  I have a few small concerns as the seasoning process goes forward.  I put in about 3 chunks of hickory and fired it up (using a Masterbuilt propane 2 door smoker) and at first I got some really awesome smoke, but once I adjusted the temp down to the lowest I could get it, which is pegging out at almost exactly 250, I am not getting any smoke.  There are still chunks in the skillet (did the cast iron mod) but no smoke that I can see.  I figured that about 2 hours at the 200-250 range would get me going on the seasoning, then I'm planning to throw in a whole chicken, 2 leg and thigh quarters and a 3 lb pork loin.  I'm just concerned that I'm going to basically be slow roasting them since I have no smoke that I can see.  If anyone is hanging around their computer today and has any suggestions, that would be great!