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My last two cooks was injecting a turkey breast with butter and garlic and today i smoked a chuck roast injected with beef broth.

The meat was super moist and the drippings from the final result was outta this freakin world.

I will always inject beef brisket or roast from now on.
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I've injected everything I've smoked so far except briskets and ribs of any kind.  Just might have to inject my next brisket.

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I use beef stock in my brisket injection with a little white wine vinegar . Super moist
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for those who inject briskets I saw on pit masters where Myron said he always injects with the grain of the meat if you inject across the grain it can leave dark spots in your brisket.

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I have his book and I don't remember him say that. But it makes sense
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He explained it on the Pit Wars TV show.

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