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pork shoulder questions

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I have an 8.5lb pork shoulder... This may be a dumb question but do I leave the skin on? Or cut it off before applying the rub? Also should I inject the meat with any liquid before smoking it? Need all the help I can get... Thanks in advance
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I cut it off and also inject with Creole butter and apple juice (50/50 mix) the night before. I was watching Pit masters the other day all 3 contestants left the thick skin on.
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you can leave it on or take it off , with it on it should keep it from drying out if your worried about that. I do not inject but a lot do.

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OK now a follow up question... Will the rub penetrate through the skin?
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No your rub will not penetrate the skin. I always remove the skin. You'll get better bark. There's really no need to worry about it drying out there's enough fat in that cut. Remove the skin, rub it down and put it in the smoker until the internal temp hits 205. Foil wrap it let it rest for 45mins then pull and enjoy.
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Thanks I've been researching all day and most seem to remove the skin... I'll be smoking it next weekend and I'll throw the Q-view on this thread... Thanks for all the help
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