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Wild Boar Razerback

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0 hours and 150 deg, hams done







Hams have dry cured and then salt equil for 14 days

Have in UDS now with apple and cheery. 220 deg until internal temo 150

will post pics of smoked hams

the 4 just fit in the 35 gal drum smoker









Bacon has been cold smoked for 12 hours, used pellets in a UDS, got enough heat to color bacon nice.


Hams have 2- more weeks of cure the salt equal for 2

will add pics then







Bacon finished curing, will hang for couple days and cold smoke for 12 hours


Hams still need 3 more weeks of cure


Darren cooked the ribs, said were very good, more robust taste than pork ribs, good dry rub and sause make great.



got two wild boar razorback drop ed of yesterday, about 100lbs of meat. Never cured wild boar before. My thoughts are dry cure and smoke ribs. Make buckboard backen out of belly strips. Loins looked very good, freeze and cook like any pork. Shoulders/butts do a rub and smoke for pulled pork. The hams two with bone and two boned. Dry cure the boneless with Morten's sugar cure, Do a comp pump and dry cure on the boned ones. Not sure weather to age the hams and or smoke, but have some time to decide that. I am a beginner, pros please give advice. Good thing Ihave this 20 cf freezer with an add on temp controller, or i would be buying a lot of dry ice.


Prep hams for curing combination inject at bone and dry rub out side, 4 hams done about 14 lbs each. Ground 12 lbs of meat to make sausage a bear sausage rec and






a Spanish sausage with pepper and paprika


Big Rub




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I do believe you are spot on....:rotflmao:

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I love wild boar! How exciting! Cheers! - Leah

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