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Asian Ribs from Jeff's book...

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Well, had some baby backs in the freezer and I figured I'd give a recipe from Jeff's book a try. In the book, this recipe uses spares but I defrosted baby backs so I'm sure it will work out well. Took the membrane off and cut them in half (just makes it easier in the MES 30. Made the rub, and brushed them with soy sauce...

Put the Asian rub from the book on and wrapped it up. Going to smoke these tomorrow. More pics to come!

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Change of plans and I had to smoke them tonight. Put them in the MES around 6:00pm with a smokin pellets mix (hickory, maple, apple, cherry) in the AMNPS. Smoked at about 225 for 2 hours. Here they are:

Now into a pan with some apple juice and back in for another 1.5-2 hours.

Not usually a foiler but I am trying to follow the recipe exactly as it is in the book. Mixed up some Asian sauce from the book and it tastes great. Can't wait to slather it on these ribs in a couple of hours.

Be back later!
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looks like you are off to a great start! Keep the qview coming! 

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At the 4 hour mark here they are:

Pretty close to the tenderness I want, so I glazed them with the sauce and put them in a 225 oven. Going to check them in about 20 minutes.

Smells great!!! I'll be back!
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Here they are...

A little to fall off the bone for me but I knew that since I was foiling them. Think the crowd that's going to eat them is going to be into that. As far as flavor goes, they are pretty good. I can't really decided if I like the sauce or not. Ill have to eat a few more to really decide. Hahah it's after 11 pm so I don't really feel like eating half a rack of baby backs. Well, thanks for looking!
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