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Chicken quarters on a reclaimed open pit

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Short story with only 3 pics. I've been nominated, screwed, chosen (take your pick) to be chicken cooker at the Vets Post annual picnic in August for about 150. It's a free event so a lot show up that you never see again till another free feeding. Regardless.....the open pit in back was built years ago and used ONCE, then became a trash burner with rusted over grates etc etc. I decided to reclaim that pit and make use of it for what it was intended for. Got the trash out and burned off the brush pile, used a side grinder with wire wheel to clean the grates I'll need, and decided to do a test run for temp checks and cooking times on what will be cooked...chicken quarters. So, will make a last tweak and cut a grate to fit across the pit but raised off the ground on a ledge that's there for charcoal airflow and ash to fall through. The thing held a nice steady 250 degree temp using one and half bags of coal and a couple of oak chunks for good measure. Let the good times roll......Willie


before clean out....sad

cleaned grate


back in business

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Looks like fun Chef!


Order ya one of those cooking neckerchiefs for your neck. They furnishing the meats and beer for the chef?

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CW.......looks like you did a great job. Good looking yard birds and sausage.

Funny how "free" food brings out the people.......



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Thread Starter food brings them time we'll see them is Thanksgiving for the free turkey meal. The regulars keep the place afloat.

Yes, Foamy....I'm sure some of my cronies will be buying me beers PLUS what I got in my cooler...LOL....and I plan on some nibbling items for those that wander by the pit like some brats, maybe a wing or a chunk of chorizo sausage or some such lagniappe. Might/should be a hoot....
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Looks pretty as a picture. Makes me hungry!!!!
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Nice reclamation . Thumbs Up Good luck and good cooking . . .


Later , Stan . . .

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Nice! That's a cool pit, bet you could fit a couple whole pigs on there no problem :icon_mrgreen:

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