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newbie message

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From southern Illinois I use a side fire box smoker that has died this year. Smoker did give me years of difficult service. Your site helping me plan on a better rig that I plan to build
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Welcome to the board, jr! You'll find lots of DIY smoker builds here w/pics, look around and ask questions.

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Posted a picture of my idea on the build forum. Hoping for some feed back before I start
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Hello and welcome, we will all be waiting to see your build


Gary S

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jrbuilder, welcome to SMF! 


 It's great to have you here. Have fun and enjoy yourself! Looking forward to reading about your future adventures with smoking! 

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I just look at your build idea and it looks like you are getting some solid input on it. I like the design concept, but if no one has built one like that then, you may just have to try it and see what happens. 

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