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Kegerator/Keezer build

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New member, about to build my first smoker, but given how beer and barbeque frequently seem to go hand in hand thought I'd show off a kegerator build I did with a friend of mine for his house.  Full details in the link, but short version is that it's a remote dispense system where the freezer is in the garage and the primary tap is in the house.  I designed control hardware for temperature data and he designed an awesome logging system.

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some thermal imaging of the system after we had it tuned and optimized

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That is quite simply amazing.  I wish I had the skills to put something like that together.  Very, very impressive!

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Wow nice work, I guess the days of drilling a hole in the door of the fridge are gone! Oh how I miss my avocado green kegerater!
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Thanks guys!

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That's just incredible, care to approximate a cost for this besides labor?

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Thanks, it was about 950USD for the freezer and all materials

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Looks great.  I built one a couple of years ago, but I really like your Arduino setup.  Nice job.



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Nice build! The thermal imaging is cool. I built a kegerator a couple years ago that is serving us well. The pictures are under my brewing folder on my profile.




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Nice work. points1.pngLove your toys. A lot of work for 2 taps. If you start homebrewing you'll want more taps. :beercheer:

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Very nice. Here's a few pictures of mine. 


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Looks great.


Mine is behind the wall so it is basic, but I have always been impressed with how people turn them into works of art.



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