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Newbie from Dallas, TX

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Hi Everyone, 

I am new to this forum and to smoking in general.  I live in the good, old, hot city of Dallas, Texas but have a great patio with a misting system I just installed to keep me cool.  I have smoked ribs before on my propane grill but decided for my birthday in March that I wanted a smoker. 

I received a very beginner model, Brinkmann Barrel "Grill", model 810-3001-SB.  It has no firebox nor any vents to moderate the heat and this forum sure did help me figure it out in those initial days.  I have come back repeatedly to this forum and today decided "what the heck, might as well join". 

I have done some rigging to the Brinkman, mainly a chintzy foil edge to keep all the smoke from escaping and a stainless steel veggie rack to prevent all my charcoal from falling through the rack.  I seasoned the smoker per the instructions and it has actually done a pretty decent job.  I just smoked some ribs on Sunday and they were delicious.  I will be smoking 5 racks on Friday so am going to try the Minnion Method to see if I can keep a more consistent heat for a longer period of time.  My next venture will be a brisket and if that is successful, then I will probably move up to a better smoker.

Thanks for all the great tips and info and I will let ya'll know how the ribs turn out.

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Hello neighbor to the West, welcome to the Forum from East Texas


Gary S

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