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UDS Newbie

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Hello, My name is Brian (55yrs) and I live in Clovis ca. I am a fan of charcoal/wood bbqn' so it wasn't much of a leap to try a UDS out. I have a neighbor who has made many of the UDS bbq'rs. Holes in the bottom, holes in the top for rebar and hang the meat from SS s-hooks. No heat control but a dozen tri-tips took a little over an hour and were done perfectly. I wanted something I could smoke or bbq with with the thought I wasnt going to be cooking for 40 people. I found a good source of food grade barrels and started doing some research on design and thoughts on the type of barrel i'm using (red liner). I am finding many other smokers/bbq'ers and manufactures of the same mind the the liners are indeed inert. . I am at the burn-out stage of assembly and have a few other pieces. Thanks for the welcome!!!

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Hey Brian, hello and welcome from East Texas


Gary S

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Thank you!

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