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My first smoked brisket: The results

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So this is how my brisket turned out. Step by boring step:

On Saturday morning I went to local Specialty food store ( local supermarkets only sell flats) and got a 9lb packer brisket.

Brought it home, Cut off some of the excess fat around where the point and flat meet, washed it and let it sit. I did use a rub: kosher salt, cracked pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin,gran garlic,onion, and paprika. Put it in the fridge at around 10:30 am

 I took it out at 11 pm to get to room temp. got up at 1:30am, started the smoker. Brought it to 225. Added a combo of hickory and apple chips. It got to temp and I put  ( crammed) it in at 1:45am.

 I got up at 6:30, added more chips, there was still some smoke coming out the damper ( which I never opened) That was the last I put wood chips on. I'm thinking that was a mistake?/ 

 I have read about pulling it out at 165°, then wrap in foil and finish in the foil. I opened the door at 10:30 am and decided to stay with my original plan to just stay the coarse.

I waited till the IT got to 198. I pulled it off the MES and immediately wrapped it in 2 layers of foil, one of the wifes good towels, ( she didn't expect me to use it for that when I asked her for 1, and put it in a cooler with the probe still in it.

 Fast forward to 1 1/2 hr later. I unwrapped it and it looked and smelled amazing.The IT was at 174° It was when I cut into it that I knew I hit oil. Let me tell you this. I have never had a brisket that was so moist and tender. All the brisket I ever had always tasted like pot roast. This was a whole new beginning. It was amazing.





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The process may seem a bit boring but the end result is quite the opposite! Very nice job. Looks great! 

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I must say Bob, I was stoked the entire time. I'm a truck driver by trade and don't get much sleep anyway... but with this hunk of beef in the smoker, it was a good time and the time flew by!!

 A lot more BBQ to do!!


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Welcome, glad ya joined us ! Nice first brisket, very nice ! icon14.gif
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Hey Pete

that's some great looking bark on that beef. I haven't done a brisket but I can see that's got to change.
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Your hooked now !!!


Gary S

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