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Never smoked before want as much help

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Hello everyone I have never used a smoker before I do a lot of hunting and plan on smoking a lot of wild game my friend and I just split on a master built 30" the biggest thing we want to do it sausage and pepperettes but I really want to try a chicken this week
Any info would be awesome
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Welcome and get ready to be hooked on smokin. Use the search at the top or go directly to a specific forum and you will find so much info it will blow your mind.

Everyone here is real friendly and glad to assist.

Good luck and post some pictures of your first smoke.

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Welcome to the addiction, ebro.  Ditto on what Link said.

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Hello and welcome to the forum, chicken is easy, you will do fine. Look through the forums and threads, put Chicken in the search, lots of information


Gary S

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welcome,   you will learn all you want here,i think this is the best site around.people are friendly and very willing to help and give their opinions,i also have the mes 30,just want to tell you not to get upset if your digital temp. reading is off some , 0-20 degrees is common. good luck

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