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Newbie from California

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Hi all, my name is Matt, I am from Yucaipa Ca. I have been "stalking" your forum for about a month. Lol I just started smoking about a month ago. I stole a small char-broil offset smoker from my sister. Tried a pork but first. Turned out ok, decent for my first time. Next i tried some boneless chicken breast, turned out good but nothing to write home about. Today i did a rack of pork ribs... SUCCESS!! Now i really got the bug.

I was hoping i could get some recommendations on a bigger/better smoker. I like using charcoal/wood but would be open to anything. My 2 biggest needs are.. bigger, and something easier to control temperatures. I dont have a big budget, so i would like to find something decent for a good price.

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Thought id post a picture of my ribs from today. 😄

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Hey Matt, welcome from East Texas, congrats on the ribs. Better to be a poster than a stalker


Gary S

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Thanks Gary, glad i joined already.
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