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First disappointing smoke

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Sue to increasing popularity of our annual summer shin dig, I recently purchased a Dyna-Glo vertical offset charcoal burner.  Everything went together well and the seasoning/break-in burn was pretty much as expected.  A little door leakage and a tad hot compared to what I am used to with my old vertical bullet.  Fast forward to Father's day.  Son decided ribs would be awesome for a fathers day meal.  So we go and get a really nice full slab of pork spares.  Due to the time,once trimmed, they got to rest with the rub (first time with this rub) for only about an hour.  Usually I rub the night before.  Got everything fired up and comfy (about 250) and put the ribs on. (all the trimmings too).  planned to use 3-2-1 to simplify things on the new smoker.  At one hour, everything looked great, aside from temp hovering 265-275).  During the next two hours, I watched temps stay there, and worked on playing with vents as well as burning down the charcoal.  # hours in I removed to foil and noticed the bottom rack set of ribs was completely charred on the underside. Meat had barely pulled away from bone,maybe 1/4" or so.  The other set looked just fine, nice color, firm and just visible bone.  After the foiling, and temps remaining at 250-260, i returned them to the smoker for only about 30 minutes.  Decided not to add any more charcoal as it was the end of the smoke, and after about 30 minutes temp was at 190.  Removed the ribs.  The set that was charred on the bottom was basically inedible having burnt pretty much all the way through the meat.  Managed to salvage a few from the middle of the rack.  The other rack was for all purposes normal.  Nice ring, and not dried up.  


So, to the question(s).  Was the temp at that range just too high for that method?  This smoker has no heat sink (water/sand pan or anything else), and I do know from the looks of the one piece of trimmings closest to the firebox side that a heat baffle off the firebox is in order.  Both vents were run wide open aside from during the foil stage when I adjusted to see what did what.  I did not at all care for this particular rub flavorwise so wont use it again, but also wondered if not resting them longer after rub had any effect on it.  


Any thoughts any of you have on this would be greatly appreciated as I am going to be doing about 25# of butts on this thing in about three weeks and cant screw those up.

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Myself.. I quit doing the overnight rub/rest ... an hour or so before i Put on the smoker I will put rub on.. then another little sprinkle when carrying out to smoker... So I would say that that wasn't the problem... as for your smoker.. I've not seen one (any pictures ?) of those... but it sounds like you need a heat sink/difusser to distribute the heat evenly... hopefully somebody with your brand of smoker will chime in ...
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You most likely need to have some type of heat plate/diffuser in there. Even then, if you cook to close to the fire box, meat is going to char like that. If you can post pics of your smoker we might be able to help a little more. 

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THanks for the responses.  I will get a few pics taken and posted, hopefully this afternoon.

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Here is a decent pic of firebox to cc.  First thought is to make a deflector using the bolts just above the upper hole.  It also seems like alot of opening for the airflow.


Outside view with firebox air vent

overall view showing stack vent.  This does have an adjustable damper inside.

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