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I've owned my 22.5 inch Weber One Touch Silver grill for years and love it. However, I've always wanted to own a One Touch Gold but it was out of my price range. I found out a little while ago that the necessary Weber parts could be bought separately. I bought the hinged cooking grate from a local hardware store for about $15-18, and I bought the enclosed ash catcher off Amazon for about $44 delivered. Seeing as how I bought my Weber on sale for $69 (we'll never see THAT price again!), the total cost for my converted Weber Gold One Touch was about $139, about $10 less than a new one on sale--and I get to keep my old tried and true Weber friend instead of having to break in a stranger. I previously screwed the kettle legs to the kettle body to solve the problem of the legs falling out when moving the grill any amount of distance. Now I have the ideal Weber because my wife also bought me a lid holder that hangs on the side of the kettle and I also have a BBQ tools rack that hangs from the kettle as well. 


I now have the Weber I've always wanted. I am one happy Weber owner since I think Weber has the best charcoal kettle grill on the market.