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another FNS (freaking new smoker)

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so after a few years of wanting to become a smoker. the weather "forced" me to have to purchase a smoker for my father's day. too windy for my bbq

I purchased an MES 30 on Friday, seasoned it that night and then did my first smoke.

I made a 10lb brisket that turned out decent and I had no complaints on it. I was rather disappointed with it only missing a smoke ring. but after some reading it is kind of expected with an electric smoker.

then on father's day, I smoked some ribs. these were really good and my family loved them.

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love the auto-correct. it changed my title..

FNS - freaking new smoker

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I thought you were just excited about your new smoker! LOL


Sounds like you had a few good smokes. Hats off for attempting a brisket on your first smoke...was by far my most challenging. :)


Next time you should post a few pics so that we can drool over your success ;)



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and here they are

very first smoke. an OK brisket thar was a little too big for the smoker

some great tasting ribs that needed about 20 more minutes in the smoker. I also basted some BBQ sauce on them and threw them on the BBQ for the caramelization.

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Welcome to the Forum


Gary S

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