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Meat slicer or Food Saver?

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Was wondering what most people consider more important? Just getting started in smoking, I love the idea of smoking different types of roasts and slicing them up for sandwiches but also know that for a family of 3 a food saver would come in handy, Want to eventually get both, but just trying to figure out which one first lol

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Mike, evening and welcome...... while you are looking, take a look at vacmaster.... I have the 140 and it's a dandy.... when buying from vacuum sealers unlimited, members of this forum get 10% off on bags and home vacuum sealers..... Lisa B. owns the business and is a member here...... She has threads with the monthly discount codes...

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I think that the two go hand in hand. Without a sealer it'd be hard to keep bulk sliced meat. I'd say get the sealer first then get the slicer.

Like Dave said look at the vacmaster from Lisa. If I had the extra dough I'd be pitching my food saver out the door and be getting a vacmaster.
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Sealer first.....then slicer!!!  



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I bought a Food Saver at Costco about a month or so ago. It was "on sale" so the price was right. We've used it quite a bit and I feel it was a good purchase! With that in mind, I recommend the Food Saver vacuum sealer!!!
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