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6.5# NY Strip roast for first time

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This was just my 3rd smoke since I got my smoker, first 2 was some Boston Butts that turned out great, today I stepped it up and went all out for Fathers Day. I did a 6.5# NY Strip roast. I rubbed it down with evoo and montreal steak seasoning last night and wrapped in plastic wrap in fridge. I put it on the smoker this afternoon using a mix of hickory, apple and cherry wood. Had the smoker at 250 and it was at 100 IT when I probed it just after 1 hr, thought I was in trouble lol. I ended up pulling it at 130 IT alittle after 2 hrs. let it rest for about 30 minutes while I was tending to my country style ribs and twice baked taters, both of which I got the how to`s on here :) I sliced the NY Strip into thick steaks and tossed a few on the gas grill to sear and without a doubt it was the best steak I have eaten, ribs were amazing and the taters as well. I was to stressed to get pics during the process whoops. I did get a couple plated shots I will try to post. 




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Looks good here.
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Very nice!
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That all looks great, nice job ! icon14.gif
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Looks good here.

looks good here too ..

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Thanks everyone, had leftovers last night and the smoke taste was more intense and yummy. Got a couple steaks left for tonight were going to cut into thin strips and have steak burritos or use it instead of beef in a taco salad. My daughter loved the twice baked potatoes and the country style ribs were fall apart tender, everything I did came from here on the forum. Looking forward to trying more 

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