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Mounting fire box

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I'm building a rf offsett, my fb is 20x24 it calls for a fb to cc opening of 8 inches , I have a piece of 8 inch pipe . If I mounted it cross ways under the bottom were the rf plate starts would it work good if I put the pipe between the fb an cc to connect them that way?
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Somethin like this
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What is you cook chamber size? What is the FB to CC opening (square inches) suggested by the pit calculator? Without looking at the exact numbers, an 8" pipe doesnt seem large enough to get the required FB/CC opening size for good airflow.


More details and your calculations would help.

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Cooking chamber is 20x60,fb is 20x24
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Originally Posted by tgrimmett View Post

Cooking chamber is 20x60,fb is 20x24


So you cook chamber is a cylinder 20" diameter by 60" long? Fire box is also a cylinder at 20" diameter by 24" long? Your sketch above suggests a square fire box but you didnt provide a 3rd dimension if that is the case......


Have you done the calculations on the BBQ calculator?

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My calculator puts the FB/CC opening about 75 sq. in...... FWIW....

20 x 20 x .7854 x 60 x .004 = 75 ish for a reverse flow
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Thanks for the advice , the square in the drawing is a round pipe I was Turing crosss ways , but I decided to mount end to end like the picture Dave posted , I got it mounted man it was tought it's 3/8 inch pipe with the end caps being 1/2 in plate that sucker is heavy , I'm hoping to mount it to the trailer tmorrow
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