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Hey guys,


I have a Weston 11lb sausage stuffer and am using 23mm collagen cases and they i can't put the whole compressed casing on the smallest nozzle.  I have to unravel the case and it takes about 3 or 4 nozzle lengths to use the casing, in other words i have to cut the casing a few times to use it up.


The nozzle would be little bit short to fit the whole case on anyway, just want to save some time.


It's too late for now, as i just made about 60kg of sausages, so won;t need any for a while.


Anyone know where to get a smaller nozzle for the Weston stuffer?  I am in Australia, so will need it shipped.



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Yeah, I had the same problem with my Lem tubes. Thinking of going stainless before next stuff. Regardless, not sure of your model etc but here is a start on Amazon. You will need to zero in on size, model etc so you don't get the wrong sizes.....HTH, Willie
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Thanks for that.  The ones i have are S/S already. 


What size nozzles are people using for the 19mm casings, surely they would fit, or i might have to get one made.

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