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Salmon Jerky tasting party

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This weekend I did more fresh King Salmon Jerky with the idea of doing a tasting party with a couple hard core fishing buddies.

My jerky drying after brining.

Finished product....belch!

This past week I splurged and ordered 4 different Salmon Jerky sample packets from a well known Alaska seafood company who boasts big time about their products, etc. Per the below pic, the 4 bottom plates contain their samples of: Traditional, Sweet Mesquite, Honey Smoke & Garlic Pepper. The top plate is mine.

First taste results from the buddies made me snicker but I was hoping for a little more competition. Sad thing is that in all four of their samples, the meat was like rubber. We all agreed that their "Traditional" packet was the best of theirs. Each flavor was supposedly Alder smoked.
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nice looking candy assortment there......Willie
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