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My first ever smoke!

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Just did a few lbs of chicken legs (I know... I know... Took it easy)
275 on my mes with pecan chips. Used cowtown BBQ sweet and spicy rub last night...
This is easily the most delicious thing I have ever cooked.
That's it... I'm hooked.

I couldn't be happier today hanging out with my baby boy and smokin meat yahoo.gif
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I'm glad for you. Now you can't wait to cook something else, right? Welcome to your new addiction.
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Those legs look great.  Very nice for your first smoke.


Geerock is right, welcome to your new addiction. Now you'll start thinking about what your going to smoke next, almost as soon as you pull the current stuff out of the smoker. Maybe sooner!

Then you'll get into making your own rubs, and sauce, then play around with cook times and temps for the exact firmness and flavor you want.


Hang out here, you will always learn something, even when you think you're starting to know what you're doing, you'll read a post, and think...hmmm that sounds good, maybe I should try it.


Good luck, and have fun with that baby!

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